Vx Pain Relief Program

Integrating state-of-the-art Virtual Reality technology...

...with behavioral and social interventions...

...all under the guidance of a dedicated masters-level Behavioral Health Clinician.

The Vx Pain Relief Program Difference

A comprehensive approach to pain management

Addressing BioPsychoSocial needs while leveraging Virtual Reality technology

Patient-centered and physician-directed

Clinically validated outcomes

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Virtual Reality

The Vx Pain Relief Program leverages state-of-the-art Virtual Reality technlogy to:

  • Reduce the perceived intensity of pain signals
  • Stimulate neuroplasticity to "rewire" the brain and lower the priority it gives to pain signals
  • Help the patient become more "pain resilient" on a long-term basis

Behavioral & Social Interventions

The Vx Pain Relief Program provides each patient a dedicated masters-level Behavioral Health Clinician to not only coach the patient on how to use the Vx headset, but to:

  • Provide motivation and behavioral interventions weekly to increase program compliance
  • Employ CBT, ACT, MI and Mindfulness techniques
  • Provide weekly updates to the treating physician